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We believe healthy communities begin with financially stable healthcare providers.

why we are here
We aim to empower providers to do what they do best - help, care, and heal - through trusted partnerships that drive process improvement, optimization, and sustainability.

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Sarah Lewis

Partner, Co-Founder

Matthew Thomas

Partner, Co-Founder

Vanessa Fix

Partner, Co-Founder
To our healthcare colleagues and friends:
“There will always be some leakage in your revenue cycle – you can’t get 100% of the dollars” … that’s how we explained the value of a zero-balance vendor to recover additional money – and it’s true!

We did identify 1% of Net Patient Revenue and recover over half of those dollars. Clients appreciated our efforts, and we enjoyed the work. But what if you could get even closer to perfect? 

Billions of dollars are left on the table every year due to denials, underpayments and incorrect or incomplete billing and coding.  We believe there is an opportunity to holistically improve processes to decrease costs, enhance the patient experience and increase the overall financial health of providers. We create and implement remedies to address the underlying causes because treating the symptom isn't enough.

After nearly 20 years as a third-party recovery vendor for healthcare providers we are on a mission to close the gap, empower providers, and build collaborative relationships with payers. There must be an easier way to get paid right, more quickly and on your terms – we’re here with the remedy.

With Care,

Our Values

Raise the Bar

We refuse to settle and firmly believe our people, clients, and communities shouldn’t either. We challenge what is possible and prioritize innovation to achieve the absolute best.


We believe in our people and empower them to lead. Through teamwork, customized solutions, and trust, we empower our clients to transform. When we empower others to succeed, we all win.


We embrace balance, so we show up as our best selves. We embrace essential differences that make us human because we know they make us stronger – everyone, together.

Deliver with Integrity

Integrity is the defining quality of our people. It drives everything we do. We operate with empathy, respect, transparency and accountability – even when no one is watching.

Make an Impact

We are here to solve problems, not create them. We arrive to work every day inspired to create positive change because curiosity, sleuthing, and solutioning is in our DNA.


We never shy away from new ideas, opportunities, or challenges. With our trusted partnerships and team of subject matter experts, we stay humble and ready to tackle whatever is next.
Let's talk about your organization's needs.
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