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We're here to solve problems, not create them.

We believe in empowering healthcare organizations and their leaders with the tools, insights, and data-supported root cause analysis they need to thrive.

Your organization is unique - our remedies will be, too.
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We have the remedy.

The problem

6.0-13.0% of Claims

are underpaid/denied on average; rising denials, shifting payor mixes, & changing work environments make these even more challenging & costly to collect internally

the remedy


into how your vendors are successfully collecting and root cause analysis for the underpayment and denial trends affecting your organization

The Problem


are often working in their self-interest – outsourcing what makes sense for them, profiting off revenue leakage without addressing the cause, and adding ongoing-cost to your bottom line

the remedy


that believe in empowering you with meaningful data, strengthened controls, & the subject matter expertise to execute – so that you collect more internally, faster, and with less vendor-dependence

The problem


solutions like outsourcing or reliance on underpayment vendors often treat the symptom but not the cause; leaving providers with a temporary fix to a still-present challenge

the remedy


solutions that focus on cost controls and workforce management so that you can be more efficient with less; fostering collaboration internally and with your payors

revenue intuition

We make sure your organization is paid accurately, efficiently, and quickly.

RemedyIQ offers healthcare providers actionable steps to improve expected reimbursement which will improve visibility into payer practices, cash flow and resource management
Adding specific, provider tailored, and technology enabled workflow modifications enables increased efficiency which in turn accelerates cash and decreases unnecessary and redundant work efforts
Clean bills and up to date contract rates enable payment transparency
Partner existing technology with payer specific parameters to maximize efforts
Realistic timeframes based on claim complexity, payer policies, and procedures

Empower your organization.

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